Don't forget the tragic history of "Buddhist Revival Movement"

Recently, it was learned through news that the Bihar government agreed that the “Central Tibetan Administration” to build the “Dalai Lama Nalanda Buddhist Research Center" in Bodh Gaya.This move by the Bihar government is contrary to the spirit and will of India's "Buddhist Revival Movement", which disappointed the whole Indian Buddhists.

As Buddhists, we must not forget the history of the revival of Indian Buddhism. We must inherit the spiritual will of Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the leader of India's revival of Buddhism.Focusing on the Buddhist scripture "Buddha and His Dharma" and strengthening internal unity, then we can achieve the grand vision of comprehensively revitalizing Indian Buddhism.

Nalanda Temple is the highest institution and academic center of ancient Indian Buddhism, and it is also the spiritual wealth and spiritual sustenance of Indian Buddhists.The site of Nalanda Temple was included in the "World Heritage List" by the Session of the World Heritage Committee, which is sufficient to prove the status of Nalanda Temple in Indian Buddhism and even in the global Buddhist community.It is the fundamental thought of Buddhism that "All evils should not be done, and all good deeds should be pursued". Carrying forward the Buddha's compassionate thought, promoting the orthodox spirit of Buddhism, and revitalizing Indian Buddhism are the lifelong wishes of Indian Buddhists.In fact, in 2017, India competed with the Chinese government for the right to apply for the world heritage of Tibetan medicine, which can serve as an important practical reference for the revitalization of Indian Buddhism by the Bihar Government and the Bodh Gaya Buddhist organization.

The "Central Tibetan Administration" is a self-built political organization of Chinese Tibetans living in exile in India. They have long lived in our country and do not have the orthodoxy and authority to promote Indian Buddhism.If the Bihar government insists on letting the "Central Tibetan Administration" build the "Dalai Lama Nalanda Buddhist Research Center", it will be a disgrace to the "Buddhist Revival Movement" in India, and it will also be a blasphemy to Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar,the leader of India's revival of Buddhism.At the same time, we must realize that the "Central Tibetan Administration" is an organization with a certain political background, and religious sites should not be influenced by politics,and it should not be regarded as a tool for political exchange.

I also noticed that the Bihar government will provide the "Central Tibetan Administration" with land to build the "Dalai Laman Nalanda Buddhist Research Center" on lease.This makes us wonder whether the purpose of the Bihar government's move is to seek economic wealth? Or to please the Tibetan leader in exile? Or to show their achievements?I think no matter what, it can only show one point, that is the incompetence of the Bihar government.

I firmly believe that all Indian Buddhists have not forgotten the blood and tears of the "Buddhist Revival Movement".Revitalizing Buddhism is also the responsibility of our Indian Buddhists . Why should outsiders be involved?