Yutong Holds Online Live-Show to Decode 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility for Global Viewers

On September 8 2020, Yutong officially unveiled its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution at its namesake launching ceremony. One day later, at 6pm on September 9, Yutong brought intelligent technologies in a live-show on SNS. Yutong showcased its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution and unveiled a series of intelligent IoT technologies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yutong’s international site, taking the brand to the world.  

No Touch Challenge to attract global participation

Before the live-show, Yutong created a #no touch challenge# on Facebook, inviting travellers around the world to share “no touch moments” in their lives. The activity aims to visualize how technology frees our hands and present Yutong’s pursuit of better life made possible by technology.


Picture:No Touch Challenge to attract global participation

Virtual experience of autonomous technology amazes global viewers

Against the navy background of the live show, the hostess reviewed the highlights of the WITGO launching ceremony where Yutong presented its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution to show its determination to bring better, smarter travel experiences to mankind.

Yutong’s 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution is the fruition of ideas rather than a conception. It is a prototype that can be consulted and replicated. The solution contributes to intelligent urban mobility and better trips by integrating six aspects, namely, Intelligent buses, smart roads, intelligent stops, unmanned terminals, the cloud control center and auto-charging. The live-show also transmitted the Cloud Control Center live which showed how to order self examination, remote upgrading, autonomous parking, autonomous charging, one-button dispatch, intelligent summon, and remote driving.

Picture:Live-Show to Decode Yutong 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility

During the live, Yutong’s Technology Experience Officer and the hostess on location rode on the flagship L4 autonomous driving bus and the newly debuted U12 intelligent bus in operation. They were impressed by the functions of the U12 bus, such as automatic acceleration/deceleration, automatic turn, 5G-enabled Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System, traffic light detection and control for passing intersections, automatic arrival at bus stops, and automatic parking. In addition to fascinating viewers with new technology, Yutong also hoped to share how it shows respect to each trip and each traveler.

Picture:L4 autonomous driving bus and the newly debuted U12 intelligent bus parking in unmanned terminals

Tech up for better bus better life  

The live-show was concluded with the beautiful night scenes of Zhengdong New District. Committed to its original aspirations, Yutong has hit milestones one after another on its way to explore intelligent mobility. Yutong will continue to employ innovative technology and products to deliver smarter travel experience.

Each trip with Yutong is an enjoyable experience. Each effort marks a step toward Yutong’s vision. Tech up for life, better bus, better life!